Breaking down the complex into usable pieces of information is my forte. I love to research a topic, find core truths that need to be told, then rewrite them into a readable format for a wide range of audiences.

Using my BA in English Education from St. Olaf College, I write copy that educates and calls people to action. A quality website is just one of many tools you need to grow your business. 

I also write press releases that are seen nationwide, providing valuable updates that  keep you the spotlight. Next, I make certain you have a growing social media campaign on FB and Twitter. I find followers that have the potential to use your service and write meaningful comments.

I submit your business information by hand to local directories, where you will actually obtain clients. I do not auto-submit and cause countless errors you have to remedy later. In addition, I only link you to directories with high ranking.

To my toolbox I add Youtube; I create affordable videos about what you do and post them on the world’s most viewed movie channel. I can create podcasts, a mini-radio program, about your company which creates a reason for people to TRUST your opinion.

The most exciting part of what I do is write compelling content. Content trumps PPC every time.  A funnel system with complex page redirects and repeated calls to action only serves to irritate the reader. Slow and steady always wins the race and positioning should be earned not bought.

In today’s digital world, people are inundated with advertisements. They do not like their day being interrupted repeatedly by phone, email or text. A recent study conducted by the Custom Content Council states that 70 percent of users prefer to obtain information from articles rather than from corporate ads. That means well-written content should be your top priority; it is mine.

My rates are posted on the “RATES” page and vary by project. My fee is paid in advance, as a retainer. I bill in 1/2 hour increments.

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I usually meet with clients at Coastal Coffee Roasters in Summerville for the first 1/2 hr. consultation, which is free.

My perfect client is …

someone who trusts my skills and expertise and gives constructive criticism so the project concludes on time, within budget and with a grade of A+.